“Doubt” as Virtue so says President Obama

Below is taken from article of Archbishop Chaput in response to President Obama’s commencement address and reception of a honorary doctorate in law from the University of of Notre Dame: Archbishop Chaput responds to Cardinal Cottier on the Notre Dame controversy “Unfortunately, the President also added the curious remark that “. . . the ultimate … More “Doubt” as Virtue so says President Obama

Know America

For us to know who we are as Americans, we should always watch the news and read works of the past. Democracy in America is a key book to read and know who we are as a people. Sections to Read in Democracy in America Tocqueville’s Vision of History and America (Vol. I, Author’s Intro.; … More Know America


From: http://www.themodernword.com/eco/eco_mac_vs_pc.html

The Holy War:
Mac vs. DOS

By Umberto Eco
The following excerpts are from an English translation of Umberto Eco’s back-page column, La bustina di Minerva, in the Italian news weekly Espresso, September 30, 1994.

A French translation may be seen here.

Friends, Italians, countrymen, I ask that a Committee for Public Health be set up, whose task would be to censor (by violent means, if necessary) discussion of the following topics in the Italian press. Each censored topic is followed by an alternative in brackets which is just as futile, but rich with the potential for polemic. Whether Joyce is boring (whether reading Thomas Mann gives one erections). Whether Heidegger is responsible for the crisis of the Left (whether Ariosto provoked the revocation of the Edict of Nantes). Whether semiotics has blurred the difference between Walt Disney and Dante (whether De Agostini does the right thing in putting Vimercate and the Sahara in the same atlas). Whether Italy boycotted quantum physics (whether France plots against the subjunctive). Whether new technologies kill books and cinemas (whether zeppelins made bicycles redundant). Whether computers kill inspiration (whether fountain pens are Protestant). … More MAC vs. DOS

A good video clip from the bishop of Bridgeport on Catholics Voting

Catholics should vote… Why? To influence the culture, society, and our country toward the good. I found the video at the USCCB website. The video that is most impressive is not from a lay expert, but from one of our shepherds. Bishop Lori of Bridgeport is the currently the front page video and is worth … More A good video clip from the bishop of Bridgeport on Catholics Voting