Books on the Run–I. Hunger Games

One of the books that I am reading due to the interest of my children as well as others is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The quotations of interest as well as thoughts, ideas or insights while reading the book are based on the two influences; the first influence is reading the through the lense of moral imagination and the second through a recent book by Anthony Esolen, Ten Ways to Destroy Imagination of Your Child.  The movie was released a couple of weeks ago and I have heard about the movie and book just about everyday.  I have not read much about either and hope to present a first reading of the text and if I manage this task within a reasonable timeframe then possibly watch the movie on the big screen.


One thought on “Books on the Run–I. Hunger Games

  1. I made the big no-no of watching the movie before reading the book, but hey, I did it with Lord of the Rings too and I grew up just fine. I’m actually a bit disappointed in the book actually. Her narration seems a bit too wordy (a whole lot of talkin, not a lot of walkin if that makes sense). Hopefully you enjoy it. I hear that the poor editing does taper off after a bit, either that or the reader just becomes enthralled. Good luck with the read!

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