Revisiting Julie and Julia through The Tourist


I enjoyed seeing the previews for the latest Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp movie, The Tourist. I enjoy watching both actors on screen and usually for different reasons. Ms. Jolie’s physical appearance alludes me, in the sense at times she presents herself, elegant and chic, while at other times…too thin and neglectful of her true inner beauty with the outward images of her tattoos. Okay,enough…why write on The Tourist which ultimately is a simple plotted movie with two of today’s well known actors and beautiful scenery as a backdrop…the movie is enjoyable and believe it or not has less sexual situations than Julie and Julia, a movie I recently viewed for the first time. Wow! A movie with Julia Childs has more heated moments than a movie with Angelina Jolie.


I realized two things while enjoying the movie. One that I do tend to watch Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp for the similar reasons, both of their films and characters have similar modes of presentation and thought. Second, a film with Angelina Jolie does not have to inspire you to want to watch her on screen, but a film about Julia Childs does. Really, we all like food if not love it, but how do does one become moved to want to watch Julia Childs or an actor play her on screen. The answer is two-fold, it is the top notch actors that play the character that draw us to the film, but in the end if the script is good and the actors are on, we will leave the theater without thinking about the actors, but the characters they played on screen. As I recently blogged after watching Julie and Julia, I immediately viewed a biography of Julia Child and her cookbooks that started it all on When I finished watching The Tourist, I thought of the actors and how they seemed to have fun in their roles and the movie was ultimately just cute.

Johnny and AngelinaMy thoughts tend to wander, and usually are not very systematic in conversation, or writing…going back to my first point of watch Ms. Jolie and Mr. Depp, I watch them for who they are, and ultimately the lightness of their roles and movies. Recent movies like Salt, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, and Wanted are movies that you go, enjoy the surroundings of a theater and the large bucket of popcorn…and in the end you leave thinking the $40 spent was almost worth it. The same goes for Mr. Depp’s latest series of films, The Pirates of the Caribbean, and even the morally depraved film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was enjoyable, just to see Mr. Depp survive the shenanigans of his character.

The Tourist ends with the good guys having victory slip through their fingers and the bad guys die, but our anti-hero type characters find love and wealth throughout the movie and survive. Does it make you feel good? Yes. Do you live to see the “Doge Suite” in Venice? Yes, but we also know we never will. Live to see Julie and Julia again sometime in the future, but otherwise look forward to Ms. Jolie and Mr. Depp’s next films. Perhaps that is the difference between films and movies…

Dark and disturbing