Julie and Julia: a romance of marriage and food

visit johnerocha.comWatching Julie & Julia with my wife’s aunts and daughters. The story is well told with great performances by Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. It is a movie that has been on my list to watch for a while. An actor that I have grown fond of ever since his performance in Big Night, I have always looked forward to seeing Stanley Tucci in his next movie. His performance is second to Meryl Streep, as Julia Child, but Julia would not be Julia without Paul her husband.

I have slowly become more sensitive to sexual situations in film; like most films today, one may question the use the intimacy that is portrayed as appropriate or even necessary. What is uniquely different and deliberate is how the sexual situations for both characters, Julie or Julia, are plainly put in the context of marriage. The appreciation Julie and Julia have for their husbands is one that is rarely seen in movies. Julia’s love for and devotion for Paul is not set in the time period of the 50’s, but one that is love lived out in it’s fullest. Julie’s love for Eric is tested in a modern sense as she is truly coming to learning who she is as a person and wife.

Meryl and Stanley

This week has gone by fast, so as life keeps moving I will keep my note short on Julie and Julia.t
I do recommend the movie,as most who have seen the film, I turned off the computer (not television) and had already looked up the book the movies was based on, a biography and Julia Child’s first two cookbooks. I inspired to know more about her and not only want to cook, but eat good food.Food like movies should be taken in moderation, so except for a few sexual situations, probably unnecessary, I recommend movie; those who have probably seen it either at the theater or when it was released on DVD, I would suggest it is time to see it again.

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  1. The movie did a good job of capturing the spirit of the book. I haven’t read the sequel – apparently Julie’s marriage went off the tracks for a while, and I prefer the happy, if not entirely complete, ending of the first book/movie.

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