Major William Stevenson, Sr.

Major Stevenson


A good friend passed away on the ides of March. Major Stevenson was a citizen, teacher and Houston community leader. Major Stevenson was a good man and a man of influence. When one met Major, you knew within the first few moments of conversation, that he was a man of tradition. The tradition that he emulated was based on his upbringing that was guided by his parents. The success and the achievement that Major earned later in his life was based on bettering himself both as an American and Educator; An American who truly knows and understands his country is one who can fully participate in its daily life. This is what Major emulated to his students and colleagues. Major moved students and colleagues to improve themselves and understand the country that gave them birth; He understood that we, its citizens, have been given freedom, more than any other country has given to its people through out the history of the West. With such freedom, he challenged those around him to influence America and its citizenry to improve what they have inherited. Major believed such improvement could only begin in fully understanding “ordered liberty” or simply said, with freedom comes responsibility to ourselves, our families, our communities and to our country. Major, we will miss you. Know that his legacy lives on in his endearing wife, Beverly and their children, but Houston will never be the same as we now have students living among us who have been guided by the influence of Major William Stevenson, Sr.


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  1. Wat a gentleman. A true historianand man of deep feeling for our country.
    I lost touch with him and mised not seeing him at the Center for the American Idea programs. He will be greatly missed.

  2. He was a true gentleman and a historian of great knowledge. I had lost touch over the last few years but I still remember his participation and discussions at the Center fir the American Idea. He will be missed.

  3. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Every word of this statement is alarmingly true, especially the last sentence. I am one of thousands of students whose lives have been blessed by Major Stevenson. He was my middle school history teacher at Carter G. Woodson…and has remained a major influence in my life and inspired my journey as an educator.

    His words have remained with me throughout decades, “Always remember who you are and what you know. No one can take that away from you…unless you freely give it.”

    I am grateful for his life!

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